Questions Asked During a Police Interview

Questions Asked During a Police Interview – Sample Recruitment Interview Questionsjoinlapdrecruitment Questions Asked During a Police Interview

As you move further and further in the hiring process, you will have to seat through being grilled during the police oral board interview. Some of the questions are going to be tough to prepare for since they are random. However some of the questions, probably a large part of them are common to all law enforcement agencies.

Below is a list of the top 5 police officer interview questions that you’ll likely be asked during your interview:

Question 1: Tell me about yourself.

This seems to be an easy questions, but the answer to ‘tell me about yourself interview question’, is not that easy. By asking this question, the raters on the panel are not asking for your name, childhood etc. This is the time to advertise yourself from the panel’s point of view. Tell me about yourself, is another way of asking, ‘Tell me about how you are going to be beneficial to the police department/sheriff office?’ It is best if you give a refined answer highlighting your skills and transform them as the plus point of your career.

The answer for this question should be something like this, “I have been a fan of police work right from the beginning! Every since Officer Thompson spoke to my class way back when in grade school. For whatever reason the way he delivered his message to us inspired me to one day do the same thing.

Question 2: How Do You Handle Conflict?

This is yet another common police officer interview question that is bound to be raised during your interview! Today, conflicts are a part of each and every law enforcement agency. Therefore, your answer to this question should be practical and logical enough which highlights your leadership skills and team work.

An ideal answer for this question would be, “Well, I am glad you asked me this question. As I mentioned earlier, that I have done many group projects, and that too in a creative field. Yes, there were a few creative conflicts and being the group leader, it was my job to listen and try to understand the reason for conflicts and the point of views based on that. I outlined the main issues and diverted our focus on the important issues and resolved the conflicts with mutual understanding, compromising a little on both sides so that things seem fair from all ends.”

Question 3: What are your greatest strengths?

This is one of most common interview questions as it is obvious that the raters on the board would want to know your strengths to be able to decide whether or not you possess the skills to be a police officer! But they want to see whether you not only speak, but also show those strengths! So what is it that you should say?…, well, speak specifically of your strengths and skills that are relevant to police work.

“Well, I think I am creative and imaginative, this is something which comes naturally to me. I have also won many certificates and awards for creative advertising projects and competitions. Apart from that, I also possess good leadership qualities, which is why I was always chosen as the group leader in my school and colleges. I also knew that police work and good communication skills go hand in hand, which is why I have constantly focused on improving my communication skills and continue to do so. I am also hardworking, persistent and loyal.”

Question 4: What is your greatest weakness?

Don’t even think of saying no, because they would know you are lying! And please don’t mention your ‘true’ weakness if that can cost you the job! Play it safe. The raters is trying to see how well you play with words and speak up. So play with words and state a weakness that proves to be your career strength!

“I think my biggest weakness is that I am a workaholic. I sometimes neglect a large part of my life for work, which is unacceptable.

Question 5: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

The raters on the panel always look for applicants who can prove to be an asset to the police department. Candidates possessing excellent qualifications and skills should also be goal oriented and visionaries! Your ideal answer should be the one which focuses on these aspects! Something like, “Well, I am sure that my passion for police work would make me the sergeant of the patrol division as I am looking for career growth and stability.”

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